10 Reasons Why The Beyoncé Hate Has To Stop


6. She works hard.
Beyoncé is easily one of the hardest working people in the music industry. From her amazing live show to the 72 songs she recorded for the 4 album, she puts 100% into everything she does. How many people are so dedicated to their dream they’d run in heels while singing at 16 years old? One thing you can’t argue in regard to Bey’s success: she’s earned it.

7. She’s humble.
Though she’s got a big ego, she keeps the Sasha Fierce bravado on wax. Everyone that has met her in real life describes her as a shy, humble and down-to-earth Southern belle.

8. She celebrates her curves.
Along with Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé was one of the first pop stars to embrace curves and make voluptuous figures desirable to the mainstream. With her curve-hugging dresses and anthems, she has shapely women everywhere loving their bootylicious frames.

9. She never resorts to gossip.
No matter how bad the rumor (like claims she fired her father for stealing money), Beyoncé always takes the high road. She never indulges in mudslinging for the press and stays above the fray. You’ve got to respect that.

10. She’s a business, man!
Queen B was listed as the #2 most powerful woman in Forbes for a reason. In addition to her many endorsement deals and successful fashion lines, she brings in millions from her world tours, #1 albums and DVDs. Suga mama, indeed.

What are some other reasons the hate on Beyoncé needs to cease?

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