3 Reasons We Can’t Believe Eric Threw A Drink In Jennifer’s Face


With the fight seen ’round the world between Tami and Meeka, we thought the drama on this season’s Basketball Wives had reached an all-time high…or should we say low?

Next week’s preview revealed we were terribly wrong.

In the clip, Eric Williams slams a drink in the face of his now ex-wife, Jennifer Williams. I’ll give you a minute to pick your mouth off the floor.

Here are three reasons why it was beyond disrespectful for him to attack her with a martini:

It’s still violence.
He may not have hit her with his hands but he took out his anger in a physical way—and that’s still violence. If you cringed when she tensed up and he lunged angrily at her after warning her to “be careful,” you’re not alone. A physical attack, of any kind, should never be tolerated.

There’s no excuse.
After the preview aired, Eric immediately took to Twitter to attempt to defend his actions saying “All of you will see why it happened.” No need, Eric. There’s nothing she could have said or done to warrant that behavior from a grown man. Blaming Jennifer for your actions makes the incident even more shameful. Please stop tweeting.

Move on!
As sickening as the martini attack is, it’s even more confusing that Eric is still even angry enough to lash out at Jen. Not to mention the fact that he tweets about her (claiming she’s possessed by a “demon”) and holds meetings with her “friends” where he regularly references her. It’s about time he gets a life, a prayer circle and an anger management class.

What did you think of Eric throwing his drink in Jennifer’s face? Did you find it offensive? Why or why not?