3 Reasons We Want Cassie To Win


She’s the woman most of us love to hate. She’s the woman most of us call a one-hit wonder, jump-off and arm candy. She’s Cassie. Love her or hate her you can’t deny that Cassie is definitely making a name for herself and proving that she’s way more than eye-candy. Here are 3 reasons we want Cassie to win, win, win!

She’s Smarter Than We Think
Jump-off. Arm candy. Side piece. These are only some of the names used to describe Cassie on various blogs and media outlets, but one thing they’re forgetting to call her is a smart, savvy, business woman. Cassie may be riding the coattails of her rumored sugar daddy P. Diddy, but she’s riding them all the way to the bank. While some may think she’s silly for sticking with Diddy, Cassie knows exactly what she’s doing. Her connection to this high powered man has landed her magazine covers, on fashion runways and major endorsement deals with brands like Carol’s Daughter. Trust us, Cassie knows her “arm candy” days are numbered so she’s setting a foundation for her future and who can be mad at that! Who says smart girls finish last!

She’s Talented
Long before she was known simply as Diddy’s girl, Cassie had a hit song on the airwaves with the catchy ‘Me and U’ and while she may not be the next Beyonce, she can definitely carry a note or two. With the right producers and song writers behind her, there is no doubt that she can make a serious comeback. Cassie also has a talent for modeling. Her beauty is intoxicating and her innate sex appeal can make even the simplest dress look like haute couture. She commands the camera every time she steps in front of it and is pretty much a designer’s dream.

She’s a VIXEN
Cassie is the definition of a Vixen. She’s urban, young and undeniably fly. She’s a minority woman making strides to get to the top of her game and refuses to let a man or the haters define her. Instead of tearing her down for what we think we know about her from the media, why not support her? Why not cheer on another Vixen woman going after her dreams and helping to pave the way for others coming after her? Cassie has proven in more ways than one that she is a force to be reckoned with and I for one can’t wait to see her shine! #TeamCassie

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