4 Reasons Why Brandy Is Not ‘Sitting On Top Of The World’


It has been a while since we have seen Brandy’s name grace the charts. Since the 90s- circa “The Boy Is Mine”- when we remember Brandy in her prime, we have yet to see her peak again. You cannot deny she has raw talent, but something is just not working for the R&B songstress.

Last week, trailers were released highlighting her new documentary titled “On My Own.” In the documentary, Brandy plans to connect with fans by giving them behind the scenes look. During the video she discusses future plans to collaborate with fans on her next project, dealing with being a working single mother, and constant failures faced in the industry and her personal life. Brandy also exclaimed, “This is my last opportunity!”

And I could not agree with her more. Coming off of her second-lowest selling album, Human, Brandy definitely has a few more kinks she needs to work out. Here are a few reasons why Brandy is not sitting on top of the world:

  1. Ditch the reality TV shows. Please leave that up to your brother. He seems to know how to put on a better show, just not your element. Your personality definitely shines in your lyrics and even in your YouTube videos belching in the bathroom.
  2. Leave the fans out of the creative process. You have enough devoted and loyal fans, stans and stalkers. They will love anything you put out. You should focus on growing your aging demographic.
  3. Sex seems to be selling these days and working for artists to top the charts. Be a little sexier. Those recent Derek Blanks photos were mind-blowing. No need to go topless or anything but just show us a little more skin. And singing about it won’t hurt either.
  4. Stop trying to find a sound you think is going to “change the game.” Switching producers every album has not really helped you get back to the top. Go back to the time when your voice complemented the beats and not competed. Beats are hard to overcome.

Hopefully, Brandy recognizes her worth before it is actually too late. She is Brandy! These new-aged R&B divas and pop princesses were jamming to her growing up. There is no need for Brandy to try and resort to antics of a rookie artist because she is seasoned and extremely brilliant. Many people owe their careers to Brandy by having the opportunity of working alongside her. At the end of the day, Brandy needs to understand the brand in Brandy; or she will be left sitting up in her room.

Drew-Shane Daniels is a Philadelphia based writer who offers his two cents on pop culture, lifestyle, sexuality and entertainment. His work has been featured on Global Grind, Soul Train and Clutch Magazine. You can also follow him on Twitter @drewshane.

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