5 Celebs Who Need To Make A Music Comeback


If you’ve been anywhere near a television or radio station for about the last decade you seen its slow and painful demise.  Over the years music has gone through numerous transformations.  It’s gone from heights of pure greatness to well, just watch an episode of 106 & Park to see how far it has fallen.  Today’s music has lost its flavor, its edge and its originality.  Ask any true music fan and they’ll probably tell you that one of the golden ages for music was during the 90s.  The music during the 90s was fresh, dope, and all that and a bag of chips.  Artists didn’t follow a formula, they followed their hearts and the result was music that pretty much shaped a generation and is still beloved to this day.  Even though those days are gone, there are a more than a few artists we would love to see make a major music comeback and show this new school how it’s really done.

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