5 Pieces of Advice for T.I.


Hear ye! Hear ye! His Royal Highness King T.I. is out of prison and home from jail…again.

Today Clifford “T.I.” Harris was released from an Arkansas prison after serving a 1 year sentence stemming from his drug arrest last year. As a newly freed man we’re sure T.I. has a list of things he wants to do, but we here at VIBE Vixen have a few tips for the King to get him focused and make sure his “Get Out of Jail Free” card doesn’t get revoked.

Tighten The Inner Circle
One thing that was painfully clear about this second arrest was that T.I’s circle is going to be his downfall. With all the people depending on his success, you would think those closest to T.I. would be steering him away from that narcotic, but clearly there are some traitors in the crew and their mission is to dethrone the King. First order of business should be tightening up the circle. T.I. needs to get rid of the backstabbers, yes men and leeches. Not sure where to start? Call up Evelyn Lozada, she’s all about that circle life and will have your crew in tip-top shape!

Write A Book
Temptation can be a son of a gun, especially for celebrities. With easy access to money, women, drugs, etc, it’s not that hard to slip back into old habits. One way for T.I. to remember why he shouldn’t backslide is to write a book. Writing a book will remind him of all the scary, sick and twisted OZ like things he saw during his two stints in jail. If those memories don’t scare him straight we don’t know what will.

When In Doubt…Stay Home!
T.I. may be a celeb, but we’re pretty sure he gets that nagging little voice in the back of his head that screams “Nah son, don’t do it! Abort, abort!” However, just in case this voice has called in sick for the night, it would behoove his highness to remember the golden rule: When in doubt, stay your butt home! If you have to think twice about whether or not to go that party or go hang with the fellas, it means you’re not supposed to go. Nothing good ever comes from going against your gut and doing so can result in a one way ticket back to the pen and an effeminate roommate named Bubba.

Focus on the Music
Since T.I.’s been a repeat contestant on “Let’s Go To Jail,” this whole music game has gone even further over the cliff. Weezy’s wearing jeggings, hard core rappers are doing the Dougie…it’s a world gone mad! The rap game needs a savior which means this is the perfect time for T.I. to take it back to basics and come out the gate swinging. We need him to get back to his Urban Legend and Paper Trail roots so that fans know the King is definitely back for his throne.

Focus on the Family
In all seriousness the main thing T.I. needs to do to keep from going back to jail is focus on his family. With a house full of sons that need his guidance and wife like Tiny who clearly loves and is devoted to her man, T.I. needs to make them his number one priority. Every time the devil whispers in his ear, he needs to remember the crying faces of his wife and children, the holidays he missed and the milestones that he’ll never get back. One year may not seem like a long time, but it can be an eternity to a child and to a family that has no choice but to wait for their loved one to come home. In order for T.I. to be a true King, he needs to put his family first and above all else. He’ll be a better and stronger man for it.

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