5 Reasons We’re Excited For ‘La La’s Full Court Life’ [VIDEO]


I’ll admit it: I was initially apprehensive about watching Lala’s Full Court Wedding. Afterall, we had seen all the pictures on gossip blogs months before and a whole series around wedding planning seemed excessive.

After tuning into the first episode, I was pleasantly surprised. Lala seemed genuine, fun and endearing, celebrity appearances kept a fun flow of guests on the show and Kiyan was adorable! There was a wholesome, down-to-earth quality to the show despite its star-filled roster that kept me tuning in every Monday.

Now that we’re mere weeks away from the debut of Lala’s Full Court Life on VH1 on August 22nd at 9/8C, here are 5 reasons we’re excited for the show.

1. A Real Basketball Wife
From handling family members’ ticket requests to dealing with angry Denver fans that blame her for Carmelo’s trade, Lala shows the true perks and pitfalls of being an NBA wife. Despite rumors of infidelity which Lala faces head-on, the playful and loving dynamic between her and Carmelo seems less about money and drama, and more about love.

2. More Kiyan!
Raise your hand if you’re excited to see more of the adorable breakout star of Lala’s Full Court Wedding! Whether he’s giving his Dad a pound or throwing a tantrum in the car, Kiyan still makes our uterus hurt and yearn for children—at least during the hour he’s on air.

3. Trina on a blind date? Kelly Rowland gets a tattoo?
Lala has access to celebrities most people only dream of and calls many of them her friends. In the supertrailer, we see 50 Cent offering advice (umm…I’ll leave that alone), Kelly Rowland getting a tattoo and Trina being set up on a blind date. In our celebrity-obsessed culture, it’s fun to see a down-to-earth side of our favorite stars, away from the paparazzi and press conferences.

4. Lala’s Got Her Own
Say what you want about Lala but she had a legitimate career as a VJ before Carmelo came along and is still just as determined to build her name outside of being a NBA player’s wife. It’s refreshing to see her struggle with the balance between work and marriage and family, which is a challenge women face all over the world.

5. The Downside of Fame
Amid the grandiose wedding, celebrity guest appearances and photoshoots, Lala is very raw and honest about the downside to fame. We see her cope with rumors of Carmelo’s love child, tense interviews with the NYC press and aggressive paparazzi, and the impact it has on her family.

Watch the supertrailer here:

Will you be tuning in to Lala’s Full Court Life? What do you think of the supertrailer?

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