5 Reasons Why Football Wives Never Popped Off


With Basketball Wives season three over and the premiere of Basketball Wives: LA just around the corner, we can’t help but remember another member of the “Wives” franchise that never quite got off the bench – Football Wives. This show about the lives of Pilar Sanders, Amanda Davis, Chanita Foster, Brittany Pigrenet, Dawn Neufeld, Melani Ismail, Erin McBriar and Mercedes Nelson started off with such promise, but eventually the ladies got cut from the team. Here are 5 reasons why we think Football Wives never really popped off.

They Were Wives
Seems like a foreign concept when you look at the casts of Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives: LA, but one of the reasons why Football Wives never popped off was because it featured actual wives. Out of the 8 cast members, 6 were actually still married to their husbands. What does that mean in reality television talk? It means that there were no juicy stories from bitter ex or soon to be ex wives or girlfriends for producers to build a storyline around. Instead we had to watch women in imperfect, but relatively happy marriages who genuinely cared about their husbands. Boring!

Location, Location, Location
Just like in real estate, when you’re creating a reality show location is everything. Dallas is nice, great people, food, etc, but it’s not exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of a back drop for the story of women living the glamorous football wife life. You think of glasses of wine on the beach in Miami, expensive lunches at trendy restaurants in LA or shopping trips with celeb friends on Fifth Avenue in New York. The last place you think about is Dallas, Texas.

No Circles
Even though the idea of grown women having impenetrable friend circles that operate similar to the one in the teen flick Mean Girls seems ridiculous, it is this dynamic that keeps us watching Basketball Wives. The never ending debates over who is or isn’t in the invisible “circle” and the constant splits that form between the women each week keeps us entertained. Producers tried to bring this dynamic to Football Wives, but it only ended up being Pilar Sanders against everyone else, which even though it did make for mild entertainment, didn’t cause half of the conflict we see on Basketball Wives each week.

No Real Drama
When you tune into Basketball Wives each week you know for a fact that you are guaranteed to see some screaming, cussing, water throwing and bitch slapping hot mess. On Football Wives the women got into heated arguments, screamed, cussed a little and pointed a few fingers, but those arguments proved to be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Outside of that, the women’s biggest drama was about whether or not they’ll have enough money to live on if their men stopped playing ball and frankly, if we want to hear depressing stories like that we can film and watch our own lives.

No Tami or Evelyn
All reality television shows follow a similar recipe and it almost always includes one person who is unpredictable, loud and ready to pop off at a moments notice and the villain. Football Wives tried to make Chanita Foster and Pilar Sanders the Tami and Evelyn of the show, but neither woman had it in them to go to the lows that our favorite Basketball Wives trouble starters were willing to go. Chanita could never bitch slap someone in the middle of a lounge in Rome and Pilar was far too refined to tell anyone about themselves using every cuss word in the book like Evelyn. Without their two main characters willing to act classless and go hard for the cameras, Football Wives was doomed before the first show even aired.