5 Reasons Why We Love “La La’s Full Court Life”


With all the various reality shows out these days, watching television has turned into a continuous loop of a train wreck we just can’t escape.  But finally, a breath of fresh air that makes reality television worth watching again – La La’s Full Court Life!  The show, which is scheduled to premiere tonight on VH1, follows La La as she transitions from her quiet life in Denver to the concrete jungle of New York City when her hubby Carmelo is traded to the Knicks and we couldn’t be more excited.  Here are five reasons why we love La La’s Full Court Life.

Black Love

Even after being together about 8 years, La La and Carmelo still seem to ooze love every time we see them.  Sure their lives aren’t perfect, even with all that cash, but there is no denying the mush written all over their faces when they’re near each other.  With all the reports in the media about how dire the black marriage crisis is, it’s nice to see images of La La and ‘Melo happy, successful and in love on our screens to show us that black love is alive and well!

La La’s Big, Fat, Crazy Family

With her cousin Dice at her side and the rest of her family blowing up her phone every five minutes for Knicks tickets, it’s clear that La La’s family is not that different from any of ours.  They drive her crazy, make her laugh and are always there for support when she needs them, and that’s something we need more of on television.

It’s In New York

Not sure about anyone else, but seeing reality show after reality show set in LA or Miami as if those are the only two exciting cities on earth was just boring.  Yeah we know, New York has had its time to shine in other shows, but seeing as how both La La and ‘Melo are NYC bred (and ‘Melo plays for the Knicks), it’s only fitting that La La shoot a show about her life in the city where her dreams began.

La La Seems Down To Earth

A career in entertainment, married to ‘Melo and surrounded by celebrity friends like Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams, La La is definitely living the high life, yet despite it all she seems to be as normal as the rest of us.  On the show we see La La open up about everything from being lonely out in Denver to struggling with her weight and the crazy demands of juggling her new marriage, a career and motherhood.  These are issues that many of us can relate to and La La’s Full Court Life shows us that even with money, celebrities can be more like us that we think.

There’s No Glass Throwing, Circles Or Catfights

Unlike other reality shows that we love to hate like Basketball Wives, La La’s Full Court Life is not full of immature, pseudo celebrities looking for a come up.  La La is not an ex-wife or a fiancée, she’s a wife with a career that had her in the spotlight long before ‘Melo or this reality show and her crew isn’t full of frienemies who gossip behind each other’s backs and have dinner together with the sole purpose of getting drunk and jumping over tables.  La La and her girls are grown women with a lot to lose and could care less about being “in the circle” because quite frankly they are the “circle” other reality show chicks strive to be in.  Instead of showcasing the negatives, La La shows us what true friendship is supposed to look like, and that programs where women aren’t cursing, fighting, backstabbing and simply embarrassing themselves, are still worth watching.