5 Things We Don’t Want To See on the Basketball Wives Reunion Tonight


Season 3 of Basketball Wives is coming to a close but not going out without a bang. The hit reality show will conclude with a 2-part reunion special on VH1 which features the cast’s incendiary brand of mud-slinging, eye-rolling and cat-fighting for one last time.

As the audience looks on, conflicts between Meeka and Tami and allegedly Shaunie and Royce spiral out of control. While it’s clear the show won’t end with a shred of dignity, here are some things we don’t want to see:

1. Violence.
After watching a mother of two (ahem, Tami Roman) mush another woman in the face, we’ve had more than our fill of physical attacks this season. Let’s keep our hands to ourselves this time around, young ladies.

2. Drink Throwing.
This season alone, Evelyn hurled a full glass at Royce and Eric splashed a drink in Jen’s face. At this point, it’s clear that beverages should be considered dangerous weapons. Can we ban them from the set altogether?

3. Women Being Called Out of Their Names.
You dislike each other, we get it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be disrespectful. Calling women “whores,” “b*tches,” “hoodrats,” and the like makes you look more pitiful than the woman you’re attacking. Agree to disagree and move on with class.

4. Fighting Over Men.
The last two conflicts between women have revolved around men; Evelyn confronted Jen for speaking negatively about Chad Ochocinco and Jen expressed anger toward Royce for keeping in touch with Eric. Enough, already! Why? Because I’m sure in both cases, the men could care less. Let’s move on.

5. Backstabbing.
If you’re not involved in a conflict (cough…Susie), just keep your mouth closed. Telling Tami everything Meeka says about her and Evelyn everything Tami says about her just fuels the drama—and makes you look faker than a $3 bill. Be glad it’s not you on the hot seat this season, and stay out of it.

What else don’t you want to see on the Basketball Wives reunion tonight?