5 Tips For Choosing The Right Hairstylist


It’s no secret that women of color put tremendous importance on the look and quality of their hair. We spend millions on haircare from beauty products and tools to extensions and wigs.

A beautician you can trust to give you a knockout ‘do and expert care for your tresses is hard to find. That’s why Coco & Creme spoke exclusively with Beauty Expert, Genn Shaughnessy who has worked with world renowned stylists for People Magazine, American Idol and Trading Spaces, on choosing that perfect hairstylist.

Here are 10 of Genn’s tips on how to find the right stylist for you:

1. Communication is key.

Choosing a stylist is creating a relationship. You are hiring someone to create your vision of yourself and they need to be able to understand your requests to deliver them. Make sure you can communicate clearly and openly with them. There should always be an initial consultation where you both just sit down and talk about what you want. If they don’t think that what you’re asking is a realistic expectation, they need to tell you why ahead of time.

2. Presentation

Ask yourself: How does the stylist look? Are they dressed to my expectations? Or are they sloppy in a pair of sweatpants? How does their hair look? If they look like a mess, that means that they don’t care enough about their appearance so don’t expect them to care more about yours.

Also, if they look the part but don’t know the difference between a follicle and a cuticle, run! If they didn’t take the time to educate themselves on their industry of choice, don’t trust that they are informed enough to make your hair as beautiful and healthy as it can be.

3. Education-Yours!

Your connection with your stylist should not be relegated to the salon chair. Creating a beautiful hairstyle is only half the job. They should also tell you how to maintain what they’ve given you and educate you on caring for your hair at home so it stays healthy. Also, be sure to get a reasonable timeframe for when to return to the salon for maintenance.

4. The Environment

How is the salon? Is it clean enough for your standards? Were you greeted? Do you feel comfortable there? Your relationship to the environment where you get beautified has a tremendous affect on your overall experience.

5. Referrals-To Give and To Receive

The best way to get the truth about a stylist is through a referral. That way you can ask the tough questions like: Are they happy with how their hair is styled? Is their hair healthier since visiting the salon (as a result of advice from the stylist and their own haircare practices)? Do they end up waiting often for the stylist to appear? Referrals from existing clients can help give you a fair and balanced view of the stylist before you spend any hard-earned money.

Since referrals are one of the primary ways stylists get new clients, check to see if the salon offers referral benefits. Do you get credits in your account for bringing in new business? You should.

Finally, be sure to check out their existing clients before they leave the salon. If they look spectacular and beautiful, chances are you will too.

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