7 J. Cole Lines You Should Know (And His Reasons Why)



If there’s anything to know about J. Cole it’s that he’s one hell of a sharp-witted rapper. Now if there’s anything to know about his raps, it’s these seven lines below. 

#1. Line To Know: Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds — “Return Of Simba”
J. Cole’s Reason: What a line. I think my fans gravitate towards that line. I know how they felt when they heard. Even right I knew, like ‘Ah, that’s gon get em.’ So you gotta know that line.

#2. Line To Know: I was like a young Simba, couldn’t wait to be the king — “Grown Simba”
J. Cole’s Reason: If you ever come to a show and I do that, we drop the beat right there so you gotta know what to say.

#3. Line To Know: Brains off the chain, smart mouth with a dumb ass/God damn your ex-man is a dumbass  — “You Got It”
J. Cole’s Reason: You gotta know that for the same reason, because at the shows I set em up [laughs. The whole crowd does that. 

#4. Line To Know: I swear I’m like Huey mixed with Riley/Thursday I be trying to save the world, then on Friday/I hit the club, hopin that my dick get rubbed by some fat asses. — “Can I Live”
J. Cole’s Reason: That line truly reflects my style all the way 100% from day one. It’s always been good and evil, knowing better, but not doing better. Huey and Riley from The Boondox. If you go through every mixtape you can see both of those sides. 

#5. Line To Know: I’m playing daddy to another ni–a daughter/Don’t worry even Jesus never saw his real father — “2Face”
J. Cole’s Reason: [Laughs] That’s just a dopeass line. 

#6. Line To Know: Watch em better leave em alone like Stockton when he retired/Shit your shit is fire boy stop/I don’t buy, boy cop, stop laying/Ya shit is not hot man if ni–as not buying — “‘Til Infinity (Freestyle)”
J. Cole’s Reason: That was such clever wordplay. That whole verse has some shit really. 

#7. Line To Know: Never say I’m better than Hov, but I’m the closest one — “Looking For Trouble”
J. Cole’s Reason: That’s a good one. That’s a play off of that Jay line, ‘If I ain’t better than Big, I’m the closest one.’ I almost said that by accident [laughs], ‘If I ain’t better than Hov…’ [laughs] but I would’ve really been wildin. I really do feel like that though. I know there’s people out there who are good, but I know my potential. It may not be proven now, but that’s my goal. And I’m going to show the world one of these days. 



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