The 90s Are All That: TeenNick Unveils More Throwback 90s Programming

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TeenNick launched its “The ’90s Are All That” campaign last week where they began airing some of their popular TV shows from the 90s, during the midnight-2 a.m. block. The retro roster inspired a wave of nostalgia in college-age and older viewers, who remembered growing up wathching shows like Clarissa Explains it All, Doug, All That and more. The block became a ratings hit and trended worldwide on Twitter for days and the network isn’t even done yet! They will air more hit 90s shows.

It has been confirmed that TeenNick plans to add The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Salute Your Shorts, and The Amanda Show to the rotation, though no firm date has yet been set for any of them.

Several former viewers expressed via Twitter that they are also hoping to see throwback favorites like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Hey Dude, Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Secret World of Alex Mack, GUTS, Roundhouse, Welcome Freshmen, Double Dare, My Brother and Me, Wild and Crazy Kids and more.

What are you waiting to watch? We were excited to catch All That last week!

Via Entertainment Weekly.