Aaliyah’s August 2001 VIBE Cover Story


On August 25, 2001, tragedy painfully took its toll when R&B’s Baby Girl, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, left the music world in distress due to news of her tragic passing. The alluring songstress had just wrapped up what would become her last music video for her single “Rock The Boat,” when she died in a fatal plane crash just moments after departing the Bahamas where the visuals were filmed. Both unexpected and untimely, her death is one that to this day has friends, family and fans unanimously wondering: “What if?”

What if Aaliyah was still around? Undeniably, the R&B game would be entirely different. Sultry yet understated, inviting yet enigmatic, Aaliyah possessed a certain compelling charm that was as innovative as it has become difficult to duplicate.

And it was that same irresistible magnetism that had inevitably driven Miss Haughton into successes not yet achieved by many others her age. At just 22, Aaliyah already had three studio albums under her belt, along with dynamic roles in films like Romeo Must Die and Queen of the Damned. She was an ardent lover of her craft, one who had blossomed into an artist truly worthy of the title “One In A Million.”

On the 10th anniversary of her passing, VIBE pays homage to Aaliyah’s cherished career and its unforgettable impact on the music industry. Join us as we solemnly take a look back on the legacy of a life whose story was not fully told. – Stephanie Long


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