Angela Simmons Is Anxious For Fashion Week, Gives More Detail On “Angela Renee”


Angela Simmons stopped by the Global Grind offices to shed light on what’s been happening in her world as of late, mainly with “Angela Renee.” She gushed about New York Fashion Week, her anxiousness to see some of this year’s top designers and making her developing clothing line a high-end commodity.

Read an excerpt from the interview below:

Is there a certain designer you’re looking forward to seeing?

I love so many, I always look forward to Betsey Johnson and Rachel Roy’s great. I love going to shows. Charlotte Ronson’s shows are really simple with a bit of an edge. This year, I actually get to interview some of the designers, because I’m going to be working with Rocko from Fashion News Live. I’m going to be hosting with him and J. Alexander. So I’ll actually get to interview some of my favorite designers, which will be really fun for me. I’m finally getting my hand really involved in fashion stuff because I’m working on my own clothing line now.

So you’re going to have Pastry going on and your own clothing line?

Yes, you know I’ve wanted to be a designer since I was 9 years old. I am a fashion designer and I’ve always wanted my own line, so when’s better than now to start? I’m really excited about it.

With your clothing line, what do we have to look forward to? Is it going to be women’s wear, eveningwear or is it going to be more casual?

It’s going to be women’s wear … higher end. Very couture, different stuff. I have so many designers that inspire me. I love Tom Ford, I love Marc Jacobs, just my own twist. I have a personal style and I’m just going to try to give people what I love and hopefully they’ll love it. I’m just working and thinking about a lot of traveling and getting a lot of inspiration from different countries like Spain and South Africa. I’m really inspired by Egypt. You can expect a really great line.

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