Autumn Fashion! Tips On Finding The Perfect Fall Boot


The leaves may not have turned colors, and the breeze is still warm, but believe it or not, fall is coming our way. And although the time to put away your sundresses and sandals is soon approaching, with fall comes finding that fabulous pair of boots. Nobody is perfect, so whether your legs are super long and skinny, or they are large and curvy legs, there are stylish boots for you. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when on the search for finding that perfect pair that will keep you looking cute into the fall and winter! -Leonisa Johnson

1-Quality is king!

Although it may be tricky if you are a fashionista on a budget, it is important to invest in quality footwear. A good quality leather will last you the longest, but if that digs a little too deep in your pockets there are plenty of imitation leathers that will do you justice. Be weary of any boots that have a strong chemical smell, those usually won’t last you to long. Suede is also a good option if leather isn’t your thing.

2- Finding the right shape of boot!

Whether it’s a bootie, motorcycle or over-the-knee boot, there is a right shape for you. I would suggest trying different styles till you find the one you cannot live without. Checking out whats hot online before heading into the stores is always a great idea. In general, knee-high boots are universally flattering no matter what shape or size your leg is and are extremlely versatile. If your goal is to make your legs look longer, then choose a longer, well fitting boot with few detailing.

3-Color Craze!

When it comes to color, neutrals looks great, but don’t be afraid to step outside the box. If those hunter green or cobalt blue boots are calling your name, go for it! Some big fall trends include reptile prints and detailing including laces, buttons and buckles. It’s okay for your boot to have a little personality.

4- How High?

The size of one’s heel is a complete personal preference. You should go for comfort and cuteness! Also having options is your best bet. Having a pair of 3-inch boots along with some combat boots will help round out your closet. Even though flat boots may be more comfortable, you shouldn’t stray from the heels; there are plenty of heel-height options (stiletto, wedge, stacked) that will keep you looking at your best.


What’s your perfect fall boot? Let us know!

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