Aziz Ansari Talks Shooting ’30 Minutes or Less’ With Jesse Eisenberg And Danny McBride

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The only man to have a cameo in Jay and Kanye’s “Otis” video… oh yeah, and co-star of the new comedy 30 Minutes or Less recently spoke to the Hollywood Reporter on his new flick. The humor in “30 Minutes or Less” comes from keeping it real and being clueless. Like when Jesse Eisenberg’s character has a bomb strapped to his chest and he has no idea what to do. So, of course, he turns to Wikipedia.

Aziz Ansari: Yes, we had the same thought when we shot the film. This is so real and these are exactly the things we’d do if we were actually stuck in that situation. It seemed like you two (Eisenberg and Ansari) mostly paired off together and then Danny McBride and Nick Swardson were another duo separate from you two.

Ansari: Yes. That was fun for us when we finally watched the movie because Danny and Nick had no clue what we did with our material and we didn’t know what they did with theirs. Was there a particular scene that just happened but wasn’t written?

Ansari: When you’re shooting a scene and after you’ve done it a couple times, there are so many little things coming from moments that just happened on set. Especially with the bank robbery. Ruben and the producers and editors did a great job filtering and picking the best stuff to use. Speaking of your bank robbery, we’ve seen countless bank robberies in film. In the bank robbery that opens “The Dark Knight,” for example, The Joker uses pure fear. But your bank robbery scene makes it funny instead of serious and stressful.

Ansari: That’s exactly why it’s funny. We’re not really bank robbers. We’re not a crew like the guys in “Heat”. We’re a pizza delivery guy and a teacher. We’ve just seen movies and we’re trying to do what we think is the right way to rob a bank. We know nothing. Then all these things go wrong. What about this film do you think will be memorable, Aziz?

Ansari: I think what works about the movie is that the four main guys have great chemistry. It feels fresh because you haven’t seen us in a big comedy before with these pairings. The script is unique and the bank robbery is very memorable.