Beauty Faux Pas? Nivea Offends With Racist Ad


From UPTOWN–Looks like we’ve got another case of insensitive and potentially racist advertising execs making the key decisions over at Nivea. We scooped an image of Nivea’s most recent Nivea for Men advertisement running in national magazines, featuring a clean shaven and well-dressed African-American male in the process of throwing away a hairier version of himself sporting an afro.

The tagline reads “Re-Civilize Yourself,” with the ad copy “Look Like You Give A Damn”.

With the recent surge in backlash against advertising campaigns marketed toward, and featuring, African-Americans in a negative or stereotypical light,  we’re left to wonder if major companies like Nivea realize the potential damage these ads can cause. Let’s not forget about the Summer’s Eve talking va-jay-jays (which were recently taken down) and the Cadbury ad that had Naomi Campbell in uproar (and threatening to sue!)

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