Beauty is Pain


Ladies, have you ever undergone something uncomfortable, unpleasant, or borderline painful all in the name of beauty? With the pressure to be thinner, have clearer skin, etc., are we willing to forgo our own peace and happiness to look good? We have put together a list of the things women suffer through all in the name of beauty.

Hair Waxing: Waxing can be extremely uncomfortable. Having your hair yanked from your skin can’t be normal. Despite hair removal being an unnecessary and painful beauty regimen, we do it anyway.

Shapewear: Spanx and shapewear can be extremely uncomfortable. Walking around all day in a body suit that tucks, hugs and squeezes is so constricting. Not to mention when the weather is warm, that extra layer of fabric glued to your skin is just not a good feeling.

Hair Relaxers: Getting a hair relaxer can be an irate process. If the chemical is left in too long, or if it directly comes into contact with your skin it will burn. The end result may be slicked and straight stresses, but is it really worth all of the aggravation and stress?

Hair Weaves/Wigs: Weaves and wigs have got to be the worse hairstyle for those hot and sizzling days of summer. The extra layer on your hair has to keep your head hot. Not to mention, the unbearable itching and discomfort from tight braids and loose tracks.

White Teeth: Who doesn’t want a brighter and whiter smile? We see images of celebrities in magazines showing off their million dollar smiles, and we want them too! There are tons of whitening products out there. However, the strongest whitening kits on the market tend to leave our teeth sensitive and soar. It’s just not a pleasant feeling.

High Heels: Beauty is pain when you are wearing 8 inch heels. While some women are comfortable wearing high heels, for others the near thought sends shooting pains to our feet. It may be easy for some to walk around all day in stilettos, but after time, discomfort is inevitable. Not to mention high heels can have a long term effect on your feet… corns, bunions, and scabs, oh my!

What regimens do you suffer all in the name of beauty? Let us know!

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