Beauty Muse: Aaliyah


From Coco & Creme–With 3 platinum albums, a film career, a diverse personal style, a charm and allure all her own, Aaliyah’s impact is one we will never forget. Aaliyah Dana Haughton, also known as Baby Girl to close friends and family, dominated the charts in the 90s and beyond with hits like “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” “One in a Million,” and “More Than A Woman.” But it was her sweet, humble personality, natural beauty and dynamic stage presence and performances that won over our hearts.

Although ten years have passed since the songstress graced our TV screens and magazines with her brilliant smile, signature side bang with dark shades and smooth dance moves, her career continues to have a lasting effect on fans, musicians and entertainers alike.

Sampling her hits At Your Best (You Are Love) and Best Friends, both J. Cole and Drake have made it clear the influence the R&B princess has had on their lives and how much they miss her presence and aura in the music industry. Through her crunk style matrix-like signature moves, Ciara has clearly looked to Aaliyah’s signature dance routines as her choreographic inspiration. Other entertainers such as Alicia Keys, Cassie Ventura, Meagan Good, Tristan Wilds and more have also gone on record to say that her unique style has inspired and impacted their lives.

Aaliyah’s presence was clearly unforgettable.

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