Beauty On A Budget Tip: Student Stylists


Low on cash and desperate for a quick trim, rinse, or blow-out? Try taking advantage of discounted salon service pricing through cosmetology schools! Such prestigious brands as Aveda, Paul Mitchell, and Vidal Sassoon have cosmetology academies across the country that breed some of the most skilled and professional stylists in the industry. And while you may worry that they are not yet fully licensed, all students work under the direct supervision of a seasoned master cosmetologist. You often even have the choice of selecting those who are within 6 months of graduation—if level of expertise is a concern.

To give you an idea of the types of savings this could mean for you, consider this: Haircuts from as low as $10, Flat Iron or Rollerset styles from as low as $15, Highlights and Relaxers starting at $20, and Full Color with highlights starting at $25. Cha-chinggg!—your wallet will love you!

Here are a few tips on making the most out of your beauty school salon visit:

  • Allow More Time Than Usual: While the students know what they’re doing, they may need to consult their professor throughout the duration of the service to ensure that they are utilizing the best techniques. This may mean breaks and impromptu demonstrations on your hair. Allow yourself about double the time you’d normally spend at your go-to stylist, just to be sure. You may not be there for three hours after all, but a little wiggle room never hurts.
  • Read Reviews: Keep in mind that every location under a franchise is not created equal. If you’re interested in visiting an Aveda school, for instance, use sites like Yelp to read feedback on the branch nearest you. See which student stylists have received rave reviews. Commenters will also usually mention what type of hair they have so that you can find someone who is able to style your specific texture or length.
  • Do a Test Run: Don’t come to the salon the first time expecting to get a 5-star cut, color, and hi-lights all in the same session. Sure, it’s very feasible, but can also be disastrous if you select the wrong stylist. Start off with a simple wash and set or cut, just to get a vibe for the school and the level of service provided. If it’s a good experience, have images ready to consult with your stylist on the more drastic look that you’ll be coming back to achieve!
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