Bill Bellamy Chats Lil’ B, New Comedy Special

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VIBE caught up with Bill Bellamy to chat about his Stand Up For Family TV special, which will be available online September 26. He also shared his feelings about Lil B and hopes for a “Bill Bellamy” remix collaboration.

What exactly is the Stand Up For Family special?

It’s a super high-energy comedy-driven show. The uniqueness about it is that it’s a clean comedy show and most of the comedians are doing family-orientated material. It’s family-friendly entertainment so that you can watch with the kids. The kids can watch it but also it’s adult humor so it’s all-good. It’s refreshing because you know with a lot of stuff if you have children you can’t actually view it with them. We handpicked a lot of the talent⎯guys that we know could deliver a clean show and still be incredibly funny. And I’m the ringleader of the circus.

It must be hard to do a clean stand up routine, though right?

I don’t think it’s really difficult for me. I’ve always had to do that. I started out my career doing a lot of TV, so when you do TV you have to be clean. And then the only shows that I was able to ever do anything that was a little raw or more edgy was on HBO or Showtime. So in that regards, it’s been really easy for me because I do it all the time and what happens is most people say if you’re not raw, you’re not going to be funny, but you can. Funny is just funny.

I have to ask but on the topic of music, what’s up with that Lil’ B song named after you?

Lil’ B is killing me right now. He’s got people thinking I rap [laughs]. People thought I had a song out. People were like, “Is that your son, is that your little brother?” A lot of people don’t know Lil’ B, but then a lot of people do know Lil’ B. my audience is mixing with his audience and his audience is mixing with mine because a lot of kids that might not know me are young. They’re 20, 19 and 7-years-old. Maybe they didn’t see all my stuff. They may have seen How to be a Player and that might just be it. They don’t know all the other stuff. He has a very, very hip-hop outlet, so I got all these young dudes on my twitter, like, “Yo Bill you got felonies now?” [Laughs]

How did it first come to your attention? Did you talk to him before then?

I didn’t know nothing about it. I just got a link from somebody on twitter. It was like Bill you got to see this bullshit. I was like what, what? It was like they got a song out called Bill Bellamy. I’m like come on, are you serious? I’ve been in a lot of hip-hop songs. They shouted me out or said a rhyme or said something about How to be a Player like Bellamy or something. But I’ve never had a complete song like straight up, I’m Bill Bellamy. That’s gangsta!

You guys have get together. That would be hilarious.

That’s what I said! Like, let’s have fun with it; get together be like “no bitch, I’m Bill Bellamy!” It would be so funny. That’s how you win. If you’re going to really, really do it I said we should do a remix to the video. Let’s do it, I don’t care. It ain’t gonna hurt me at all, especially if it’s funny. We could just have all different types of people sayin’ they’re Bill Bellamy. It’d be hilarious.

Bill Bellamy is currently writing the script for How To Be A Player 2.