Bloggers’ Circle: The Internet’s Finest Decide On Whether Jay-Z Should Respond To Wayne


Yesterday the e-world almost imploded when Weezy unleashed his venomous third verse on the Drake and Jadakiss-assisted “It’s Good” off Tha Carter IV. Aiming his firearm at Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Wayne told VIBE late last night that he knows “there won’t be any repercussions behind what I did.” But we’re not so sure about that. So we scooped up some our favorite online talking heads to share their thoughts on whether Hov should respond on not. 


With Tha Carter IV due out next week the talk of the town will be Lil Wayne’s infamous line against Jay-Z on “It’s Good.” Although I do not believe Jay will respond, Lil Wayne definitely used it as bait for a potential beef. Business wise, Jay should reply, because it would bring more attention to two of the biggest projects this year and at the end of the day, competition is what rap is all about. It’s a risky move for Wayne, but he’s finally got people talking again. Who wouldn’t want to see two of hip-hop’s heavy weights go back and forth on wax?

Jay-Z tends to take the high road when it comes to the lyrical sparring. That’s not counting subliminal shots, which is how this current predicament started with the whole “Really, you got baby money” line on “H.A.M.” Lil Wayne’s dis on “So Good” isn’t particularly jaw dropping because of the wordplay [“Kidnap your bitch, get that how much you love your lady money.”] as much it has to do with the audacity of calling Jigga’s wife out of her name.

Hov usually only responds in kind, at least in song, to comments made by artists on his level—and Lil Wayne certainly qualifies. But I can’t help but see that it’s no coincidence that this particular song was unleashed right before Tha Carter IV is supposed to drop on Sunday night at midnight (if you haven’t snagged the leak yet). Especially when considering that Weezy told MTV, “I’d be the first one to tell you that, given my wit, and the type of person that I am, I’d capitalize and I’d play off of it,” when asked to comment on “H.A.M.”

Fans, and critics, want to turn this into an epic, event like dis track like a “Ether” or “Takeover,” that will stir the fire in Jay-Z and inspire him to light into Weezy and spur on some back and forth while 
we watch in delight. Part of me wouldn’t mind seeing that happen (and since Weezy went after the spouse, you can count on it), but seeing a couple of millionaires go at it over trivial commentary isn’t all that entertaining; unless the songs turn out to be dope. Unfortunately as an opening salvo (well, really return shot), Weezy’s verse on “It’s Good” is just: 

First let me start by saying I’m a huge Jay-Z fan. Now, with that said, Jay-Z has to reply. One reason being that Lil Wayne went at his wife. Then when you add in the fact that it was Hova’s trademark ‘I’ll diss you two years later in a subliminal line, after I think everyone has forgotten about it’ disses that help reignite this war of words, its time for him to dust off his Takeover swag and start naming names and collecting lyrical skulls. Beating around the bush has never been cool in hip hop so it’s time for both of these guys to, as they say on twitter, @ Him or Dap Him. 

After WTT dropped, Jay-Z said the throne concept was not about him and Kanye being the best but Hip-Hop being the leading cultural influencer and everyone’s task is to help keep it on top. For the music to reign as the top genre, we would all be better served if Jay does respond because emceeing is built partially on bravado and competition. Keep the spirit alive by engaging in a little verbal sparring with Weezy and play the dozens right back by harping on buddy’s supposed gangster resume then make it memorable a la Carmen & the car seat by tossing in Wayne’s multiple baby mommas into the mix, since Weezy’s going to “kidnap your bitch.” Drake reached over Weezy’s shoulder and took some shots too so dump Jimmy out of his wheelchair while we’re here.

When Game & other lessers throw rocks, Hova’s expected to ignore them because they’re not on the same competitive level. It’s not the same with Lil Wayne since he’s in the current upper echelon along with Jay, ‘Ye and Em and holds his own sizable fanbase and influence. Don’t respond and all the things people use as slights against Hov – too rich, too out of touch, too old – become more true. To prove he’s not above getting his hands dirty to protect his position, Jay has bring it back to the lunch table and toss a few lines right back. He can’t be sly either or do an “escape route” diss that can be played in a “oh, I wasn’t talking about him” way. He has to say names, add facts and add in a few “motherfuckers” so the ignorant aggins hear him roar.


Hip-Hop beef is all fun and games until somebody shades The Queen! I enjoy the sounds of both Carters, but Wayne took things too far with the kidnapping line. I’m just happy that Blue Bell ice cream and Top Ramen is still affordable, so I hate that this beef is about the man with more money. However, one Beyoncé queef is worth more than Drake’s flutter-handed life! Hov should definitely respond in defense of his wife, but I’d be more interested in seeing Beyoncé jump on the “John” beat with Solange and Tina Knowles and rip YMCMB to shreds! Load up the root box like it’s October 31st!

Even the most peaceful King must defend his throne. Wayne’s a worthy opponent. This is hip hop. Respond & show them why you have the crown. This is good for hip hop. We’ve seen a lot of wack beef. Finally the younger generation gets to see a true heavyweight fight. 

I must say this little ‘jab’ is HILARIOUS. Jay dropped that line about haters having ‘Baby’ Money MONTHS ago, and I think he literally meant ‘Baby’ Money in oppose to Adult money. Do I think he was talking about the Cash Money Rapper, Absolutely not. So now Wayne responds, months later, and goes one step further and calls Queen Bey a Bitch? Wow. 

Should Jay respond? Absolutely not. This is the ultimate ploy for Wayne to sell more records and get money off Jay’s legacy by dividing the fans. The funny thing is, Wayne doesn’t have to go this route, he’s embarrassing himself. And Wayne *leans in and whispers* You don’t have his Lady’s money.