Boss Vixen: Lisa Cohen Leaves Senior Editor Position At “GQ”


To be a great woman, you’ve got to have some type of understanding of great men. With that said, Lisa Cohen is an exceptional woman who understands men in the realm of tailored style and fashion. She announced, however, that she will be leaving her post at the men’s magazine to spend more time with her family.

As the senior editor of the fashion department at GQ, Lisa was been calling the shots when it comes to men’s tailored clothing and dress furnishings. Twenty-eight years after becoming a part of the GQ family, she’s ready to enjoy life in new ways.

She leaves quite a legacy behind. Jim Moore, creative director and close friend, says of Cohen:

“Lisa was our tailored clothing guru,” he noted. “It’s a daunting task but we’re looking for someone who has that same depth of sartorial knowledge and eats, sleeps and dreams tailored clothing like Lisa did. She used to line up the suits before a shoot and say the soldiers were ready, and they were.”

GQ is currently in the process of interviewing more candidates.


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