Boy Meets Girl: Menswear Inspired Clothes For Women


We’re all about introducing you to the newest in fashion. One trend that has been on our radar for quite sometime now is menswear clothing made specifically for women. You heard right. Think plaid, tweed, pinstripes and flannel. Everything from fedoras, blazers, trousers and dress shirts has taken over the closets of women everywhere. It’s crisp and tailored appeal allows for a conservative, yet still sexy look.

To effectively transfer your closet to his, check out these tips:

A button-down dress shirt, trousers and blazer are staple items for this trend. For a hint of femininity, swap out the dress shirt with a ruffled blouse. If pants aren’t your favorite, a pencil skirt works just as well.

While you do want to keep your slingbacks and peep-toes as an option, don’t be afraid to tap into a slightly different aesthetic – Oxfords. The traditional black and white is out. Try a myriad of colors and prints.

Even during these hot summer months you can pull off a men’s inspired look effortlessly. Hats are to be coveted. So grab a fedora or newsboy cap and head out to play. A lightweight scarf and genuine leather handbag also adds a special touch.

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon just yet, click here to check out your favorite celebs show you how to incorporate the sexy trend into your wardrobe.