Break-Up To Make-Up: Falling Back In Love With Fashion


It happens to all of us at one point or another, even the flyest of the fly and the fabbest of the fab: a fashion slump. For whatever reason, we hit a bump in the road when it comes to our wardrobe and beauty selections. The thought of getting dressed in the morning is no longer viewed as a fun exploration through our closet of infinite possibilities, but rather—a brutal burden; that tedious task we’d avoid all together if it weren’t considered indecent and illegal to leave the house unclad. (The nerve of our legal system, right?!)  Well ladies, I know that times get tough, but I’d like to urge you all to CHEER UP! Let’s beat this style slump, together. Besides, Fall is just a blink away and you know the season’s fashions are the best all year!

Here are a few suggestions on how to revive your look:

Phase One: Understanding the Problem

The first step toward solving any problem is, of course, admitting that there is a problem to be solved. But more importantly, you must fully understand the root from which it stems. There are a plethora of factors that may be causing you to feel “blah” in the style arena as of late. Could any of the following be keeping you down?

  • Hectic Schedules: Woman are infamous for wearing a dozen hats at once. On any given day, we’re playing student, employee, boss, socialite, wifey, mommy, and friend. With so much to do, who has time to be getting all cute, right?! Ehhhh, negative.
  • Finance Woes: Everyday we’re reminded of how poor the economy is. But reality sets in the hardest on the 1st and 15th; rent, car note, credit card, tuition, utility, groceries, gas, and cell phone bills are all sucking your account dry. Sometimes your paycheck is gone before you even see it. When this is the case, recreational shopping is usually the first “luxury” to fall by the wayside.
  • Bad Weather: The last thing you want to do on a rainy or hundred-degree day is get dressed. And on the contrary, when it feels like twenty degrees below Antarctica outside, there aren’t enough garments in your closet to prepare you for the frigid air that’s gonna smack you down as soon as you step out. It’s no secret that weather impacts our mood, and, consequently, how we decide to present ourselves.
  • Weight Gain/Loss: Does this sound familiar? “Until I lose this last ten pounds, I refuse to set foot in a mall. I’m gonna get into that size 6—whatever it takes.”  No? What about this: “I need to thicken up! Until my thighs and booty get bigger, I will not be wearing jeans. I’m gonna get my curves.” Regardless of the verbiage used, we women often punish ourselves when we’re unhappy about our weight and shape. As a result, our frames get draped in unflattering threads, we deprive ourselves of fashionable outfits, or we simply give up until that target weight is achieved.
  • Relationship Troubles: For some girls, relationship hardships, a recent break-up, or being single for extended periods of time seems like the end of the world as we know it! As sad as it is, many often lose confidence and motivation when they are not rewarded with the attention and approval of a spouse. This, ladies, is a problem.

Phase Two: Getting Over It!

Once you come to terms with the reasons you’ve been in your style slump, it’ll hopefully become evident that you deserve better than to punish your personal appearance during turbulent times. As cliche as it sounds, the better you look—the better you feel! And it’s much easier to get through a hard day with a smile on your face when you know that you’re putting your best foot (and face) forward. Besides, you never know when you step out what new people and opportunities may present themselves throughout the day; stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Try the following pick-me-ups to change your attitude towards getting dressed in the morning:

  • Seek Inspiration: It’s possible that you’re simply becoming bored with your current style of dress. So, seek out inspiration for a new look! Pick up a magazine, take a trip, or even visit a vintage/ thrift shop to borrow ideas from the past. Take note of the things that catch your eye, and interpret these ideas into your wardrobe. Fret not if it’s something out of character, or outside of your comfort zone, because you’re allowed to switch it up and play with your look! Who gon check ya, boo?!
  • Add a Pop of Color: Color, color, color—I cannot stress enough how color can lift your spirits, whether in beauty or fashion! If you’re used to wearing all neutrals or black, add a neon accessory to spice things up. If you’re that chick who keeps her makeup au’natural, smack on a hot pink lip! If chosen properly, the right pop of color will bring your head high and put that extra pep in your step. Try it out, try it out . . . 
  • Ac-ces-sor-ize!: Believe me when I tell you: we could wear the same three garments all week, but with the right accessories, nobody would ever even notice! Accessories have the power to transform a look in a matter of seconds, and give us that extra boost of confidence. Invest in a statement necklace, pair of costume earrings, or a show-stopping bag, and see how much better you feel.
  • Pull Out Ole’ Faithful: Nestled deep in the back of every woman’s wardrobe is “Ole’ Faithful.” That garment that must have been sketched and sewn by the Gods because it fits like butter against your beautiful silhouette. Often, it’s a pair of jeans that makes your backside look better than ever before—Ha! Who needs squats when you’ve got that pair of Joe’s? Or maybe it’s a dress that gives you an instant breast-lift and tummy tuck because your shape never looked better! On those days when you’re out of it, pull out Ole’ Faitful and let it take the wheel.
  • Please Don’t Stop the Music: Turn up the volume and make getting dressed and prepped a party in the a.m.! Blast the music that puts you in your best mood—be it Beyonce, Madonna, Lil Kim, or Yolanda Adams—hey, whatever works. Dance around your room, jump on the bed a couple times, and go crazy in the closet! Just watch the time, ya hear, ’cause I refuse to take the blame when you get fired for tardiness from shaking your rump to Rihanna a few extra minutes . . . ; )
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