Can Beyoncé Be Compared to Michael Jackson?


Last night, Queen Bey looked stunning as she kicked off the first show of “4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé” at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

We already knew she was the King of this music thing when the first concert sold out in 22 seconds! Now, her hubby Jay-Z is cosigning her reign.

He told Power 99’s Lorenzo Thomas that Beyoncé is like “the second coming” of Michael Jackson. Pause for dramatic effect.

To his point, her work ethic is much like the King of Pop’s. And they both boast an impeccable stage presence. Beyoncé rocked the entire ballroom last night with an electric performance of songs from her album 4. Michael Jackson’s legendary and timeless performances were as entertaining as they were brilliant. They both have a unique voice, genius choreography that fans love to learn and a style that has inspired millions of people’s wardrobes.

However, when it comes to the music, MJ’s songs are universally considered timeless. Many of Beyoncé’s songs have been regarded as formulaic pop hits or flops that have little lasting appeal. Additionally, as Jay-Z said, Michael is considered an “innovator,” while Beyoncé isn’t viewed that way by the mainstream.

What do you think? Can Beyoncé be compared to Michael Jackson?