WWMD Gets The Scoop On Why & How Men Fake Orgasms


Hate to break it to ya ladies, but it looks like we’re not the only ones skilled at killer fakegasms. According to just about every best (and blunt) male friend of mine, those penises are not always locked in spurt mode. To give you some insight on why men faux cum, I interviewed an insightful, though anonymous, 26-year-old scorpio (!) male about his reasons for not messing up the sheets. Peep and learn. —xoxo Tracy (@trayhova)

WWMD: Let’s jump right in young man. Dudes are supposed to be sexual beasts, so why in the world would y’all fake an orgasm?
Anonymous Male Orgasm Faker: The one female that happened the most with… it was more about the girl than it was me. She was super emotional and sex was a huge deal to her… satisfying me was her ultimate goal.

That sounds close to great though, no?
Yeah, but as far as she saw, if I didn’t orgasm, she didn’t do her job. It just so happened that I wouldn’t always have one and times would come where we would finish and if I didn’t come, she’d get really really upset. Even to the point of crying sometimes. So as for as why I faked it… I cared about her a lot—also didn’t want to deal with all that unnecessary emotion— so i had to give her what she wanted. As a man, its “expected” that I’d cum from anything and if I don’t it looks weird. So I’d fake it kind of on general principle.

Interesante. Was she a hot girl who sucked in bed?
She was really good actually. She turned me out lol. S—, I still miss her sometimes. So it wasn’t that there was something she wasn’t doing it’s just with me, sex is more than physical pleasure…

She hadn’t sexed your mind.
Exactly. I need my mind f—ed into submission first before anything.

Ditto. Now are there other times you faked it because the sex really did suck?
Of course. With bad sex, if I’m just in there and it’s not going anywhere and I’m just there getting tired, that s— needs to get faked quick. Sometimes a girl is too inexperienced or can’t take the dick. Or she’s tired already and can’t go anymore.

But what about if the oral sex sucks?
Then I just tell her I only cum from sex. And if that sucks too then I can fake it there.


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