Could Your Man Be Responsible For Your Weight Gain?


From Hello Beautiful — When a woman is in a relationship, she almost always gains weight. You and your man spend more time together and less time at the gym – eating out more, and sharing bottles of wine and dessert. And if your guy is eating more and more often, you can end up munching when you’re not even hungry. Before you know it, you’re taking in 500 extra calories a day and gaining one pound a week!

Following are some ways your significant other is unknowingly undermining your diet, and how you can balance that tipping scale from

You Constantly Eat Out

When you’re single, you tend to prepare healthy foods at home. But once you’re in a relationship, it’s decadent dinner dates followed by caloric brunches. That’s bad news for your waistline: A recent analysis of 24 national chains revealed that the average entree at a sit-down restaurant contains 867 calories. And that doesn’t include apps, sides, and dessert.

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