Definition Of A Freak


Noun ’fr?k One that is markedly unusual or abnormal. Slang: a sexual deviate.

As a woman I hear it all the time.  I’m having a conversation with a man, or I’m with a group of men and women, when naturally the conversation turns to relationships and sex.  One of the women in the group mentions something she has done or likes sexually and that’s when you hear it…”Damn girl!  You a freak!”  I personally don’t always take this statement as a negative, unless of course the male saying it sees this as some kind of free pass to the ‘Love Below,’ but what does perplex me about the statement is that I have yet to find a man that can give me an absolute definition of what exactly a freak is.

Most of the examples men give for what makes a woman a ‘freak’ has to do with sex itself and don’t sound any different from what I know most people are probably doing behind closed doors.  Certain personalities are said to be an indicator of freak tendencies (the good girl, quiet girl, etc), but those people can’t be doing anything that out of the ordinary either.  Now when I think of a freak, I think of someone who has furry sex because clearly…that’s not normal.  Maybe I’m wrong?

Recently Keri Hilson sat down for an interview with Fader TV to give her definition of a freak, here’s what she had to say:

“Being a freak, it’s like that’s what you want to be. I’m not saying [have sex] with each and everybody in that record. I’m talking about one guy on one night and if women are very honest, this is what we want some nights. It’s not to be mistaken with hoe.

To me there’s nothing sexier than confidence so don’t wear or be anybody that you’re not comfortable being or wearing. My album is all about taking control and owning yourself, owning your sexuality, owning your beauty, your confidence, don’t allow others opinions or a man’s opinions validate how you should feel about yourself.”

So ladies and gents what is your definition of a freak and how do you display your freaky side?