Diary Of Kimberly Jones (June/July 2011 Sex Issue Feature) (Pg. 5)


Marriott: The relationship with Big and Kim was simple pimp-ho dynamics. Big knew he could get away with a lot because she was looking for that strong male figure.

Shaka Don: Whoever Big was involved with, he let them know, “Yes, that’s my artist, but that’s my bitch, too.”

York: So then Kim gets pregnant while we’re recording. We were all stressed. Atlantic had just cut us a check. We had an album to deliver. I said, “Look, what are you gonna do? If you have this child right now your career will be over.” I tried to avoid the politics as much as I could and just do my job. But I did get the money together to pay for that abortion.

As Kim’s star status grew, she had to share the spotlight with another female rapper, Inga “Foxy Brown” Marchand, whose debut album, Ill Na Na, dropped that same month.

Gavin Marchand (Foxy Brown’s brother): Kim and Foxy knew each other from Tasha [Smith], a mutual friend that lived on our block. Then they ended up in the same high school, Brooklyn College Academy. They were cool. But it wasn’t a sleep-over-your-house-type relationship.

Smith: [Foxy] was one of the leaders. The pack always followed her, and you always heard her mouth way down the block.

Rivera: They used to record demos in the same neighborhood studio, Daddy-O.

Daddy-O: Inga was the better rapper. But there was no question that Kim was more furious about her craft. I had to stop working with Inga because I watched her curse her mother out in her basement. Kim was never like that… I might play a song that I was working on with Inga to Kim. But Foxy was always interested in what Kim was doing. Kim was never interested in what Foxy was doing.

Shaka Don: Foxy used to call Kim all the time. And then she would [turn around and] dog Kim out to people. Kim finally told me to call [Foxy] and tell her to stop calling her phone. It seemed like everything Kim would do, Foxy would do it right after. Kim bought a Land Rover. Foxy bought a Land Rover in the same color. Kim colored her hair. Foxy got the same color.

Hector Xtravaganza (designer): When I was designing things for Kim, Foxy would come in and want something similar. I tried to keep them separated as much as I could.

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