Diary Of Kimberly Jones (June/July 2011 Sex Issue Feature) (Pg. 6)


Don Pooh (friend and Foxy Brown’s former manager): There’s only but so much hot shit. If that was the hot car? “I’ll be just as hot as she is. She got 20 minks? I’ll get 25 minks.” These were young girls with a lot of money.

Missy Lou (friend and former assistant): The falling out was rather stupid. There was a rumor that Big did [a reference track] for “Big Momma Thang” and Foxy got hold of it and put it on a mixtape, and Kim didn’t like that.

Marchand: Foxy didn’t put it out… I felt that Foxy and Kim didn’t speak anymore because they both started feeling themselves. Like, “Well, I don’t need her.” After Kim’s and Foxy’s first albums, [then Def Jam CEO] Lyor Cohen put up a million dollars to do a Thelma and Louise album. Big and Un were supposed to get Kim to sign the contract, and Don Pooh and Jay-Z were supposed to get Foxy to sign. They were both getting $500,000 each just to show up at Hit Factory. Everyone was in the studio—me, Jay-Z, Pooh, Big, Un. They never showed up, and the project never happened. They both cut their phones off.

Pooh: I put a phone call together between Foxy and Kim after the record didn’t happen. This is 1997. They spoke, nothing crazy—“I heard you said this.” “Who said that?”… The people in between, the girlfriends, that tore them apart. You’ll never know who said what… It was never really about anything. That’s the fucked up part about this.

Marchand: Beef is when you know what you’re beefing about. You can ask Foxy or Kim right now, “Why are y’all mad at each other?” and they don’t know. If you bring up Kim’s name or say, “You and Kim should do something,” Foxy will be like, “Next subject.”

Jackson: If it was life or death or Kim doing a record with Foxy, Kim would take death over doing that record. Kim and Foxy grew to hate one another, and that just grew over years. She didn’t feel Foxy was an upfront and real person.

Hard Core was a runaway success, selling over 3 million copies and debuting at No. 3 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Album charts, led by the Puffy-assisted single “No Time.” But while Kim’s professional career was soaring, her personal life was skidding.

DJ Clark Kent: Big was married to Faith. You can’t forget that. Kim was never the one. It sounds harsh, but that’s just the truth.

Shaka Don: One Christmas, Kim was at Big’s house and Faith caught them in bed sleeping. They didn’t have any clothes on, and she started beating on them. Kim jumped up, threw on one of Big’s coats—a black fur coat. And she came in my house in a yellow cab with no clothes on under that coat. I gave her some clothes; and we jumped in my truck, grabbed the gun and went over there. We tore Faith’s truck up and then went knocking on Big’s door. They called the cops, and we heard the sirens and got out of there.

York: Big was a very complicated guy. I know he cared about Kim in his own way. But it was messy.

Shaka Don: We were at Puffy’s studio [Daddy’s House]. Kim had a session, and something jumped off with Faith. Faith was in a car with Zip, who was in charge of Puff’s security at the time. We followed them from Puffy’s studio, and Kim jumped out the car and pulled a gun out on Faith. Zip said, “Shaka, you have to get her out of here!” Kim said, “I will blow that bitch brains out!”

Andrea Duncan-Mao (writer): Kim said she was the best friend who carried the torch. She was always in love with him from day one. She knew he had other interests. She said he always wanted light-skinned women.

Shaka Don: Kim called Big’s house from my crib one day and [Philadelphia rapper] Charli [Baltimore] called back and said, “Who is this?” Kim was like, “What do you mean who is this?” Charli said Big told her that Kim was just his artist. That hurt Kim. He’s telling Kim, “I love you and I’m always going to love you.” Then he basically told her, “But I’m no good for you.”

Duncan-Mao: Kim would never cop to Charli’s existence. I would ask about her and she would say, “Who?” She had some issues with her because she knew Big was crazy about Charli.


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