Diary Of Kimberly Jones (June/July 2011 Sex Issue Feature) (Pg. 9)



Smith: Once you do one thing, you think, Maybe I can tweak something else. You go for a consultation and the doctor starts pointing out other things he can fix that you didn’t even notice before… Her attitude is: If that’s what makes a person feel good, then I don’t see what the big deal is.

Rayce Denton (TV producer): I heard her talking about not liking her look. I told her we should have her plastic surgeon on her reality show [Countdown to Lockdown]. It was obvious she had surgery. Why not tell that story? She wasn’t having it. She doesn’t say she’s had plastic surgery. She just says her look has changed.

Hector Xtravaganza: She needs someone to tell her, “Bitch, what are you doing?” You need someone to say you look crazy.

Dopwell: I’d be like, “Kim, if you go back and do one more thing on your nose, we gon’ have to change your name.” And we’d start laughing. I know she was just doing it because she had to, but I’d make jokes to try to make her feel better.

Jackson: I love the old Kim. I love “Player’s Anthem” Kim. She learned a lot by experience. I don’t know what lesson you learn from that.

D-Dot: I met Nicki Minaj before she got with Young Money, after Kim came home. It was sort of like déjà vu. Nicki was humble, aggressive. She was cute. Had a crazy body. So I reached out to Kim. I said, “I think this chick Nicki should be your protégée. This is going to be the next chick.” Kim had this record that never came out. I told Nicki to get on the record so I could send it to Kim, because I felt like Kim could introduce her to the world. Nicki recorded the verse with me. She even shouted-out Kim’s name. I sent it to Kim and her people were kind of like, “Ehh.” They were aware of who this girl was, and they chose not to acknowledge it. Nicki was 100 percent on board with acknowledging Kim’s greatness.

York: Kim was 4’11” with a butt and no boobs and went to the fashion world like she was 6-feet tall. She was hanging with Sofia Coppola. She was signed to Wilhelmina. She had Candie’s and M.A.C deals. I see Nicki Minaj? It’s a clone.

Prodigy: Kim is right up there near No. 1. People think Nicki Minaj has that spot right now. But you can’t talk about who is hot right now. You have to look at who has had a groundbreaking career.

Jadakiss (rapper, formerly on Bad Boy): If there’s a hall of fame for rap, she’s definitely in there. Not even for females, but just hip-hop in general.

Storch: I’ve watched so many MCs try to emulate her. I’m not naming names. You have to have your own style. She’ll always have that.

Dopwell: A lot of girls were running around saying they don’t do this and that. But when they got a whiff of Kim, everybody was running around sucking dick [laughs]. She made females come out of that shell. I think she really made females feel beautiful.

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