Do You Want Your Ex Back? 5 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Back


From Hello Beautiful/em> — My uncle married the same woman twice in his lifetime. Huh? Sounds crazy right? Breakups happen for all sorts of reasons like money shortage, complexities and demands of raising children, infidelity, or just plain ole’ lack of understanding about how to make it work but they are not always because the love is gone. When you find yourself yearning to get back with your ex-lover you have to first evaluate why the breakup happened and if it is really worth going back. Here are the essential 5’s to ponder before taking the dive:

#1.-What about you has changed that will allow this to work now? Accepting the role that you played in the breakup is the absolute first order of business in getting back with your ex. If you don’t believe that you had anything to do with the breakup then you are still in a state of denial and it will never work. What have you learned from the breakup that has allowed you to evolve? Have you sought any outside help form a non-biased third party to process the end of the breakup and to better yourself? Realistically, you are responsible only for yourself – your personal growth. Although we like to think that we can change others, we can only change ourselves. Whether or not you get your ex back, becoming a better version of you will prepare you for your next relationship.

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