The-Dream Defends His Album Cover From Watch The Throne Swaggerjack Accusations


Ever since his marriage to Christina Milian publicly unraveled, it seems The-Dream has been rocking a sparkly bad luck charm. Earlier this week, the Grammy award-winning songwriter revealed plans of releasing a free 10-track LP later this month. But when Dream unveiled the accompanying album cover, folks dismissed the bronzed and biblical artwork as a cheap imitation of Hoveezy’s Watch The Throne cover.

Retorting the negative comments, Dream tweeted:

“They say my album cover is a Rip from [Watch The Throne] , if so i think its a great Rip gotta keep it in the Family ROC-KILLA”

He also tweeted:

“Lets make it clear, I do music now because I love it. We all know my album sales doesnt give me the liberty to release free music ,my writing career does. im not afraid of sales. I’ve sold records! It’s about the music. Im not mainstream, I’m not pretty and I’ll never use music as [an] abuse tool. My music is about the culture and im blessed to be able to express my self without fear! If one person listens, I’ve succeeded. My impact will never be about sales it’s about influence. I can say with out a doubt just as I have been influenced, I am now Influencing others…. and theres no amount of money that can compare especially when you are successful. My purpose is to serve music.

When its time to make money we do. Right now its time to give back. 1977 Track listing will appear on Aug 20th. Album cover will be inspired by my Mother.”

Case closed. Terius Nash 1977 shows face in the e-streets August 31.