Dwyane Wades “King Power D-Wade Watches”


NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade, the brand ambassador for luxury time pieces company Hublot Geneve, collaborated up with the luxury brand to design an exclusive limited edition timepiece, which he debuted in New York recently.

He’s dubbed his newly designed watch, which is a representation of his personal style, as the “King Power D-Wade.” There will only be 500 of these watches available worldwide, which will come at a cost of $27,500 a piece. The face of the watch is a replicate of the hardwoods of the basketball court, adding a personalized style for the game he’s mastered.

As a connoisseur of fashion, Wade has picked the brains of some of the worlds most well known, highly sought out fashion designers including the likes of Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace so It comes as no surprise that he’s decided to take up his hand at designing a watch.

“I don’t know everything, but the thing I do know is to ask questions. That’s why I was up in Europe. I try to pick the brains of people who are great at fashion, who look good in clothes.” – Dwyane during in interview with Forbes

It’s been deemed that in order to be great you surround yourself with those you aspire to be like. Dwyane has done so and his future endeavors are sure to take him farther than the court, which will include the clothing line he aspires to start one day.