Face Off: Watch The Throne Producer Mike Dean Vs. Blogger Who Leaked WTT Snippets

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For rap blog followers, there’s been a huge drama filled situation that followed the New York listening session of Jay and Kanye’s Watch The Throne. To catch you guys up, a questionable rap blogger by the name of DDotOmen secretly recorded parts of the album during the private listening and released them on the Internet the following day.

While it’s not clear if the blogger was actually invited to the event, his crude recordings of the most anticipated rap album of the year set off a fire storm from the hip-hop community, Def Jam, Roc Nation and parties involved with the recording of Watch The Throne. Producer and engineer Mike Dean took the leak very personal and has been on a campaign to black list the blogger via his Twitter page.

Last night, things went even further when online radio program, The Combat Jack Show. Hosts Combat Jack and Dallas Penn invited both Mike Dean and DDotOmen to call in and face off. However, only Mike made the call in… listen to the drama below.

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