Fear Sheer?


While getting myself ready for work, I reached for my recently purchased black with white polka-dots sheer blouse. When I looked at myself in the reflection, I was skeptical about my outfit choice. My job is very creative, but I was having second thoughts. Is this work appropriate?

One of this fall’s biggest trends is the sheer blouse. Although some styles may have long sleeves and button all the way down, there is almost nothing conservative about this fall’s staple item. However, there are ways to make the sheer blouse work without looking overexposed. Learn ways to wear sheer this season.

Layer It: If you are going to wear a sheer blouse, couple it with a blazer or a camisole underneath. A sheer blouse that has buttons, long sleeves and a collar looks very chic and business appropriate when worn with a fitted blazer.

Mix Prints: Wearing a sheer blouse with only a bra underneath is not the best option for the office. However if the sheer blouse is covered with prints, you might be able to get away with the fact that your shirt is completely see through! Prints confuse the eye, and act as a camouflage.

Sheer with Opaque Pockets: Have you ever seen a cute sheer blouse with opaque pockets? If not, trust me, they are out there. This is one of my favorite ways to get away with wearing sheer to work. They cover your girly parts, while still embracing this fall’s trend.

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