Five Things To Do While Hurricane Irene Keeps You Indoors


From Clutch Magazine–As Hurricane Irene prepares to barrel down on the East Coast, many of us are putting our dancing shoes back in the closet in preperation for a weeekend in the house. I’m personally devistated about the cancellation of AfroPunk and the now shortened Spike Lee hosted celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday in Brooklyn. Still, there’s loads of stuff we can do around the house as we wait (and pray) for the storm to pass.

Organize and Revive Your Space:  After a hectic week, my room sorta looks like the hurricane already happened. I plan to scrub my entire crib down during this brief hiatus from the streets and I’m not the only one who needs to do so!

Complete That Project: You know, the one you’ve been meaning to take on? Do it NOW. The IKEA bookshelf that’s been waiting for you to build it, the scrapbook that’s just dying to be completed, the half-painted jewelry box…get to it NOW!


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