Gee Wiz! 5 Reasons Wiz Khalifa Should Refuse To Record Music With Amber Rose


1. Amber Rose is not a singer. Or a rapper. Or, well, any type of musician.

Dude, you should know better than anyone what it takes to build yourself into a successful solo artist. You spent years toiling in obscurity and trying to find your sound in the studio before you finally hit your stride. You toured relentlessly to build a solid core fan base. You recorded dozens of mixtapes and hundreds of songs and performed at thousands of different concerts to make a name for yourself. So, you of all people should know all the hard work that goes into becoming an established musician. Do you really think Amber has the ambition and drive to do what you’ve done—or are you just giving her the easy way out here by attaching herself to your name? If you can honestly say she’s as determined as you were when you first started, then by all means…