Good Lawd: Kobe Bryant Allegedly Attacks Man At Church


Kobe Bryant is very protective of his family. So protective, that it looks like he’s even willing to take a man down… in church.

According to LA’s KCBS-TV Channel 2, Kobe Bryant went ape shit at a church in San Diego this past Sunday morning after he peeped a man attempting to snag a photo of him and his family. Kobe went as far as grabbing the man’s cell phone from his hand in a fervent attempt to find the photos that were taken. After no win, he gave the cellular device back to its rightful owner.

Simple enough, right?

Wrong. The victim claimed to have a wrist injury as a result of the encounter and said that he was in need of hospital assistance.

No word on what’s going to happen to Kobe just yet, but for now, police are looking into the situation to see exactly what unfolded at church that day. Let us pray. —Stephanie Long

Props LA Times


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