He’s Locked Up! Should You Hold Him Down?


Life is full of decisions, and some are more difficult to make than others. When your man gets locked up, it’s obviously a difficult time. With so many people going to jail, especially pop culture celebrities, everyone has become sort of callous to the situation, but when it directly affects your personal life, it’s a huge deal. You may be shocked at how you’ll truly act in that situation.

No matter how awesome your relationship is, it strains under the weight of this new roadblock. While most men feel like their woman should remain committed to them, or “hold them down,” through their bid, I feel like your the female reaction should be bases on the amount of time spent in this relationship. You shouldn’t have to be punished along with him. Realize, you’ll be free but sentenced to sleepless, sexless and lonely nights. Most guys want a “ride or die chick,” but if I can’t see him riding for me, I can’t see myself doing the time with him!

I understand that if you’ve been with your man for a long time and the love is there, it’s hard to walk away and leave him. You may have a rich history together and maybe even a child together, but, ladies, please be aware that prisoners are some of the smoothest, most romantic people in the world. When he can’t see you every day, and he’s cooped up with a bunch of guys, his game is gonna slicker than a can of oil. Do you believe him when he says he loves you and he’s sorry and when he gets out it’s gonna be you and him against the world forever?!

If your answer is “yes,” then take one more thing into consideration: Once a man goes to jail the first time, the chances of him going back increase. According to the Bureau of Justice, in a 15-state study, over two-thirds of released prisoners were rearrested within three years. As a woman, you have to ask yourself if your relationship is worth the heartache and loneliness you will suffer while your man is in jail.

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