Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The ‘Great East Coast Earthquake’

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The VIBE team was shocked earlier this afternoon when the ground started to shake in NYC and mild pandemonium took over the city streets. In a rare instance the East Coast was hit with a 5.9 magnitude quake. Thanks to Based God we’re all safe and sound… and  hysterically laughing at this list of gut-busting Tweets our friends at Uproxx compiled.

I grabbed my phone and immediately opened my Twitter app. And of course, I wasn’t the only one who did this, as Twitter seemed to be instantaneously swamped with people WTFing in the same manner as I was. When it was all done and it was confirmed that what we all just experienced was indeed an earthquake, the jokes, of course, started flying, effectively turning #earthquake2k11 into #mirthquake2k11. Seriously, there was some good sh*t flying around Twitter in the past hour or so. And I’ve collected a gallery of a few of my favorites for you guys. Enjoy! Untitled

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