The Play-By-Play: “La La’s Full Court Life” Recap [Episode 2]


La La and company were a bit more PG-13 this week with some old fashioned birthday activities! The down-to-earth basketball wife headed back to Los Angeles to celebrate Kelly Rowland’s 30th birthday and host the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards

Jumping right into the fun, La La, Po and Dice drag (not literally) Kelly to the gun range. Since most of the them were terrified of the steely weapons, the laughs were abundant. And they had on heels, so that was even more of a knee-slapper. Afterwards, and most importantly, La La surprised Kelly with a trip to the tattoo shop. Since La La’s bestie has always said she was going to get one and never put her money where her mouth is, La L gave her a insistent nudge. Ha!

Later in the episode, once Serena dropped in to take a peek at Kelly’s new “masterpiece,” La La had to get serious about hosting the red carpet. Her agents stopped by to give her a stern, but polite, talk about buckling down and getting focused. Interestingly enough, this part of the show gave viewers a glimpse of La La’s vulnerability. She’s really ready to break out of the La La the Host box and be taken seriously as an actress.

As the countdown begins, she has to study hard and pray her dress arrives on time! Somehow, at the very last minute, she makes it all come together!

Check out the clips of the episode here and tune in next week at 9PM!