I Just Wanna Love U! Jay-Z’s 10 Best Lyrical References To Beyoncé


Jay-Z loves Beyoncé. Need proof? Don’t read his interviews. Hov often refuses to even acknowledge B’s existence, let alone opine about his love for her. Don’t look to the tabloids, either. They haven’t had much luck digging up a whole lot of dirt on hip-hop’s first couple. And don’t even think about trying to ask anyone that’s close to the couple. It’s as if anyone that’s ever even said hello to Jay and Bey has signed a confidentiality agreement and turned over the rights to any stories or anecdotes about them that might give us more insight into their relationship.

Instead, look to Jay’s lyrics for all the proof you need. Case in point: Mr. Carter name-dropping Mrs. Carter on his new song, “That’s My Bitch”—from his collaborative project, Watch The Throne, with Kanye West—and using her as the template for the perfect woman. But it’s not the first time he’s referenced Beyoncé in one of his songs—and it likely won’t be the last. Jay doesn’t really do PDA, but he does fill his lyrics with the people he loves, which obviously includes Beyonce. So in light of the most recent example of that, we decided to take a look back at a bunch of Hov’s most noteworthy lines about his lady from over the years. See? He told you he loves her!—Chris Yuscavage

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