In Case You Missed It: Basketball Wives Finale Recap

If you missed the season finale of Basketball Wives last night we have all the juicy, head-scratching, drink-throwing details. Suzie and Royce continued their conversation regarding Jennifer ditching their let’s-makeup-meeting. Although Royce acted as if Jennifer’s comments about her fashion sense (or lack thereof) didn’t bother her, she proved they did by reading tweets from Jen’s timeline. After Royce confirms, for the umpteenth time, that she would never be friends with Jennifer and Evelyn again we move to Los Angeles, CA where Shaunie and her manager meet with the heads of Chinese Laundry. Her goal: a shoe line that is affordable yet sexy.

Later on, we witness Suzie and Jen cake shopping for the upcoming divorce party. The two had some pretty horrific ideas for the cake and eventually selected one where the groom’s head was cut off and becomes the bride bouquet. The cameras focus on Evelyn and her fiancé Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn spotted Chad having lunch with an old friend and confronts him about the date. Finding it hard to believe that Chad finds it normal to hang with his old pals even if he is preparing his wedding, Evelyn is visibly upset by the fact that her future husband does not care about the media seeing him with other women. After a barrage of excuses and telling one another to the shut the f-ck up, the charming football superstar ends the argument with a smile and says, “I wanna f—”. That’s right, another dysfunctional romance.

We then move on to the long awaited divorce party. All the girls have gathered (minus Royce, of course) at the nightclub to celebrate Jen’s “freedom”. The highlight of the evening was the cake by far. It looked like a traditional wedding cake, except the groom was dead and the bride was holding his head in place of a bouquet. After laughs and drinks, Jen’s new boy toy Will stops by and they engage in an awkward amount of PDA. Al Reynolds drops by and presents Jen with a piñata made out of Eric’s likeness. With the help of Will, Jen breaks open the piñata to find condoms, money and lubricant inside.

The explosive finale ended with the much talked about confrontational dinner between Jen and Eric that started out so smooth, but the ex lovers rapidly threw jabs at each other. Eric says Jen is “nothing” and that when she turns 40 no man will want her.

The heated exchange was topped of with Jen throwing her drink at Eric as he was walking away – which angered him so he came back and splashed a beverage in her face, leaving her embarrassed and shocked.

Make sure you tune in to VH1 next Monday for the big Basketball Wives Season 3 reunion hosted by former NBA player John Salley.