In Case You Missed It: “Single Ladies” Finale Recap


Last night’s finale definitely didn’t disappoint as it unleashed a series of questions and left us with a bevy of cliffhangers.

It was a happy ending for April and Darryl. On the way in the courtroom with her lawyer, April decides to give it one last shot to get through to Darryl. She pleaded with him not to become the evil, cold-hearted and bitter person that he was pretending to be. Darryl then explained that all he ever wanted was for her to feel sorry for all that she had put him through and that she could keep her trust fund. Both lawyers were fired on the spot. April finally let her boss have it and quit her job. Reed, who April previously assumed abandoned her, stunned her with an A&R offer with his new label. Although somewhat hesitant to accept Reeds employment offer; she did hint at the possibility of a relationship looming in the future.

After celebrating the sale of her first property, the girls enjoy a night out on the town. After being stood up by Malcolm, Keisha was in for the shock of her life when she later learned that Malcom was wanted by the FBI. Not only was he a fugitive but according to the police, he was spotted with his ex-wife right before he disappeared. Keisha has to decide whether to stay loyal to a man that has obviously not been completely honest; or help the agents locate her boyfriend.

The confusion continued when Val decided to give her relationship with Jerry another go. However he had different plans and declined. After being dumped by Jerry, Val accepted an invitation to dinner with Quinn. After several bottles of champagne the two woke up naked in bed together which quickly turned into a marriage proposal. Even though we definitely gave Quinn a major *side-eye*, we were happy that Val was finally getting the proposal she always wanted. Before she had a chance to answer, the doorbell rings (of course, it does) and Jerry shows up – to propose.

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