Is E-Thugging The New Form Of Fighting?


From Hello Beautiful – E-thugging, thumb thugging, Twars—Twitter beef has taken on many different names in the past few years but at the end of the day these celebs are simply wilding for respect! Over the last year celebs have routinely gone postal on twitter for numerous different reasons and the excuse proves to be similar each time—”Celebs are humans too”!

Celebs such as the likes of the notoriously outspoken @Rihanna, @Tyrese, @50Cent, @lilKim, @NickiMinaj, @Wale, @RosaAcosta, and @IAMJHUD have all fallen victim to e-thugging. With the latter having the most recent twars (twit wars) I have to question: Is social networking the new platform for fighting?

Think about it. Every generation had their own platform of “wilding for respect.” Don’t believe me? Ask any “old head” around what they used to do for respect and they will tell you in a New York minute, “back in the day people didn’t fight or shoot or any of that nonsense. Oh, no. They danced.” They had dance offs and whoever was the best dancer won the fight. Shortly after that died out people began fighting and sadly and eventually fighting sometimes led to killing.

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