Is Stacey Dash Getting Fired From “Single Ladies”?


From Hello Beautiful– If you’re a fan of VH1′s “Single Ladies,” you know that tonight is the show’s season finale, but that may not be the only thing coming to an end. Word on the street is that Stacey Dash may not be coming back next season. Apparently Stacey is still acting like the diva on the set. If you remember Stacey stormed off the set during a scene and picked a fight with her co-star Lisa Raye McCoy, which left everyone on the set was stunned, because McCoy dіd nothing to provoke this behavior.

It was an intimate dinner party scene so everyone was in cocktail dresses, and Stacey was screaming and running around іn her thousand dollar Louboutins:

“Nο, I ain’t coming back unless that b*tch gets her as* kicked!”

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