The J. Cole Q&A: Jay-Z and Kanye West As Competitors and Biggest Lesson Learned (Pg. 3)


From what I can tell from a lot of your lyrics, you’re not the biggest fan of Twitter. Or am I wrong?
Let me preface this by saying, I do follow my timeline. I’m not glued to the shit, but I’m not one of those people that’s like ‘Ah, fuck Twitter.’ But t’s a gift and a curse. A gift because we can learn so much instantly, the negative is I feel like Twitter breeds negativity more than positive. Someone can have a negative comment for the sake of being negative, shoot it to their followers and now other people’s opinions are tainted before they even witness anything for themselves.

True. Definitely saw that with some tracks from ‘Watch The Throne.’ What are your thoughts on it?
I thought it was great. I like ‘New Day’ a lot.

Does it feel different listening to a Jay-Z and Kanye West album now versus when you were unsigned?
It definitely feels different. Now it feels more competitive, before I felt like it was so out of reach. But now it’s like ‘They want to drop this shit a month and half before my shit comes out? Damn. Let me take my shit up. Let me add to mine.’ So the competitiveness kicks in now because I’m in the game. I may be very low, but my sights are high. So it’s very different. Even when Kanye’s album dropped last year I was still on some fan shit. But now I finally feel like I’m in the game. 

That must be a dopeass state of mind. But I know it’s been a rough road. What’s the biggest stress you had to overcome?
The most stressful part was the wait. Knowing what I’m sitting on, making crazy new songs, but then not knowing when your release date is. That was frustrating. But I learned my patience is immense. I work best under pressure anyways, so it was good for me to have that tested. We’ll see how it’s received though. 


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